So you want to live “small”

Written by Amy Coleman | Content Writer & Rising Spirit RV Park, Long-Term RV  Park Resident.

When Greg first brought up the subject of selling the dream home we had built a mere 3 years earlier and becoming full-time RVers, my first internal reaction was:

“You want to do WHAT?”

We had worked hard to achieve that goal and it was startling to think about doing something so different. And after I let it sink in, I started evaluating our daily life. Which spaces did we use every day? Which spaces got used infrequently? I also started thinking about the work and effort required to keep that home clean and running smoothly. After some deep evaluation and thought, I talked it over with Greg.  We realized that we used three spaces day-in and day-out: the main bedroom, kitchen/living room, and main bath. We talked at length about how much we liked to travel and wanted to see as much of our big, beautiful country as we could before we are too old to do so. After talking about it for several weeks, we decided to take the plunge and put the house on the market.

Before the sign went into the yard, Greg started the deep research of RV brands to meet our tastes and needs with the best quality we could afford. After a full year on the market, the house finally sold, for MUCH less than we had hoped, so we had to resort to a used unit instead of brand new. And now, the search was on in earnest for a used 5th (fifth) wheel that was the quality and brand we wanted.

We chose a 5th wheel because we needed high ceilings for Greg’s height. He’s a tall guy (6’3”) and most pull behinds and Class A RVs have pretty low ceilings. Our living room/Kitchen area has ceilings that reached 11 feet. Because of the superior quality of the materials and construction, the brand we chose is tougher to find because people who own them usually stay in them for the long term. So we realized this search was going to take some time.

We are fortunate to have good friends who are generous and giving, one couple invited us to rent their spare bedroom and bathroom while we made our choice. We used the time to get our belongings out of the house and into three storage units. Yes, three. (one 10’ x 20’, one 10’ x 10’, and one 5’ x 10’)  Once we found our new home, we started the process of shedding ourselves of 3642 sq. ft. of furniture and other household items.

That is when the “real” fun began.

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