Paring Down to the Essentials

An outdoor view of a campsite and a group of people standing in front of a trailer
Living the RV Dream with Amy & Greg Coleman
Written by Amy Coleman | Content Writer & Rising Spirit RV Park, Long-Term RV Park Resident.

Once we picked up our RV, we pulled it to a small RV Park near Austin to acclimate ourselves to living in that small space. Since it was used, we immediately scrapped the furniture that came with it, including a built-in sofa. Thankfully, we had saved a small sofa that fit the space perfectly, along with two leather recliners that we love. We had decided to stay in place for six months before we took our first big trip.

Of course, we brought way too much “stuff”. Too much kitchen equipment, too much clothing…….. too much period! Over the course of the next 6 months, we culled through everything and reduced to manageable levels everything we owned. This included going from three storage units to one 10’ x 20’ unit.

We also learned the ins and outs of RV living: maintenance, how to keep the clutter from building-up (a work in progress), how to drive this giant house on wheels, park it, hook up to power, water, and sewer, and a host of other daily tasks.

Finally, the most difficult task for us was organizing all of our essentials. This is a process that is always a work in progress for us. One very good rule we adopted was:  buy something, get rid of something. It works for us, and is something we’ve discussed with numerous other full-timers, and seems to be a pretty unanimous consensus.

So you may wonder if we got rid of enough stuff before our first trip … the answer to THAT question is a resounding NO!

What did we do after our first six months of RV living? We traveled a bit, of course!

Do you travel with your RV or are you a long-term parked RVer? Tell us in the comment section!

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