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Rates at Rising Spirit RV Park

We provide a larger than average space for your RV. Water, wastewater (on-site septic), trash pick-up (dumpsters), Spectrum high-speed internet and Spectrum 100+ basic TV channels.
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The Rules of Rising Spirit RV Park (aka “Rules”) are included in this section and are considered a legal part of the attached lease agreement. The terms Tenant(s) and Resident(s) are used interchangeably. The Landlord and Tenant hereby agree to the following:

Long-Term Stay

Rising Spirit RV Park is a long-term RV park, no overnight or short-term rentals are allowed. This is a permanent RV park, not a transient RV park.

Maximum of Two Occupants per RV

Tenant and occupants may use the property for residential living purposes only. Maximum of two occupants per RV, unless Tenant has obtained Landlord’s prior express written permission.

Maximum of Two Automobiles Per Site

No trailers, boats, jet skis, large trucks, or other vehicles without the express written approval of management. No parking on the street is allowed.

a man sitting on a porch next to a tree at Rising Spirit RV Park camping site surrounded by natural beauty
An aerial view of multiple RVs parked in an Rv park scenic, rural setting with picnic benches

Approval of RV

RV must be approved by management prior to acceptance for residency. No window unit air conditioners.

Keep Your Site Clean

No trash, bags of waste, or clutter are allowed. No storage of items outside your RV is allowed. Dispose of cigarette butts in a proper container, not on the ground.

Park Speed Limit

The Park Speed Limit is 10 mph. Please drive safely.


Management will issue you one mailbox key. Please immediately put that key on your keyring. Lost key charge is $25.00.

Flush Safe Liquids Only

Only flush water and safe liquids, like expired milk. Do not flush feminine hygiene products in your toilet – these block the septic system and we will charge you for this repair.

a picnic table under a tree at Rising Spirit RV Park
Dog Fenced area with free doggie poop bags at Rising Spirit Rv Park

Keep Your Utility Connections Tight

Keep your utility connections tight and odor free.

Dog Policies

Dogs must be on a leash, in an approved pen, or on a tie-out at all times. There are free doggie poop bags at the dog park – please pick up after your dogs and dispose in the dog poop container located at the front of the dog park.

Site Improvements

Decks, fences, and other improvements must be approved by management.

Planting Landscaping

Must be approved by Landlord before you plant.

Only One RV

Only one RV per space.

Trash Dumpster

You can drop your trash in the dumpsters at any time. Trash pickup is typically on Thursday. Household trash only. Do not put large items or commercial trash into the dumpsters.


Coin-operated washers and dryers are provided. HE liquid laundry detergent works better than powder, pods, or tablets. Raise washing machine lids after you finish. Clean dryer filters before each use – the dryers will dry your clothes faster.


After you finish, please clean up and take your towels, soap, and shampoo with you.

two washers and two dryer in a laundry room at Rising Spirit Rv Park

Weapons & Fireworks

No weapons, BB gun, bow and arrow, or other weapons are allowed. Fireworks are absolutely not allowed in this park.

Noise Curfew

We pride ourselves on having a quiet park. Please keep your music and noise to a minimum. No music or noise after 10 pm or before 8 am. If dog barking occurs after 10 pm or before 8 am, then Landlord reserves the right to remove the dog from the park.

Enforcing the Rules

Please abide by the law, use common courtesy, and respect the rights of others. The Landlord and their agents reserve the right to give warnings, enforce the Lease, enforce these Rules, and maintain the safety, health, and cleanliness of the park, at their sole judgment.