Finding a Long-Term RV Park to Call Home

modern and luxurious RV parked in a wooded area next to trees at Rising Spirit RV Park
Written by Greg Coleman | Content Writer & Rising Spirit RV Park, Long-Term RV Park Resident.

This is Greg and here is where I come in. Finding a long-term RV park to call home was not an overnight task. First, Amy and I had to talk about the things we were looking for: proximity to the area we targeted, price, amenities, attention to detail of the owners, area attractions, pet friendly, and attractiveness of the campground. Pet-friendly was VERY important as our two Beagles are like family.

Narrowing in on a spot was not easy. I looked all over Central Texas and spoke to a number of places. Some were in beautiful spots but were pricey. Some had great amenities but were in the middle of nowhere. We want to be able to go a real supermarket that has a great selection. We also want to be able to go to a show from time to time. We want to be close to Leander, Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Burnet, and of course Austin. Being close to doctors was important to both Amy and me, as we are in our 60’s and as much as we don’t want to admit it, “compost happens!”

I pulled out a map and defined a general area of interest. It was bigger than I thought and included a bunch of RV Parks. The first cut was long-term vs. short-term. Still broad. Okay, price. We knew what our budget was so that was easy. Had to pass on the Shangri-La Resorts that would have drained our savings in a hurry. Then it was a matter of looking up each candidate by their website to get a feel for the place. I also read as many reviews as possible to see what residents think of the place. One review can be stilted either way but several will give you a better picture. Then calling. You can tell a lot by who answers the phone and their interest in you becoming a resident.

That brings us to Rising Spirit RV Park. I spoke to Steven Adams and John Olivier who were Texas Friendly and welcoming. They are dog friendly to the point of having an off-leash dog park (a big plus.) Rising Spirit is family owned and you can tell. If someone is under the weather, expect a phone call to check up on you. And it is growing. Many new spots will be opening soon. We are proud to call Rising Spirit RV Park……HOME!!